This guy has great hands and made some big plays even though he was coming off a bone bruise.

Cameron Lynch, LB: Lynch might have the dubious distinction of getting cut on Hard Knocks two years in a row. He spent last preseason with the Los Angeles Rams and didn’t make it through their final cuts. He got yelled at this week by Duffner, who said he was on Lynch’s ass because he wanted him to actually make the team.

Jeremy McNichols, RB: The coaching staff likes him and he earned some praise from Koetter for his play on special teams, but he makes rookie mistakes and missed a key block in the game against the Browns. I wouldn’t put money on him making the squad.

Donteea Dye, WR: This guy has great hands and made some big plays even though he was coming off a bone bruise. He’s made an impression on Mike Evans and Winston with his work ethic. Fun fact: He also got confused in last week’s episode about the eclipse, asking if they happen every few years. He was actually thinking of cicadas.

When on top of his game, Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He has solid pocket presence, accuracy, and a powerful arm. In 2016, he proved he could thrive without Calvin Johnson as a downfield security blanket, helping Tate and Marvin Jones put together two of the best campaigns of their respective careers.

Due to the abysmal rushing attack, Stafford had to continuously make plays in the passing game. The team relied on him to orchestrate long drives and cap them off with touchdowns. Stafford delivered.

Detroit had the No. 11 pass offense in 2016, and Stafford kept the team competitive in games because of those late-game heroics. He led Detroit on eight game-wining drives, the most since 1970. Because of Stafford’s dominant performance last season, Detroit clinched a wild card spot at 9-7, and he threw for 4,327 yards to go along with 24 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions.steelers_125

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