Most of Detroit’s players have never been through something like this

This Detroit team, however, keeps winning.

“It’s like a hundred different people won the lotto,” Orlovsky said. “A feeling you can’t describe unless you experience it. It’s pretty special. And when you’re able to go do something as a group with a bunch of other guys, it’s really special.”

Most of Detroit’s players have never been through something like this. No season in NFL history has been like this, when every game has been decided by seven points or fewer. That has literally never happened to any other team through 11 games.

“Never in my life, man. Never in my life have I seen consistently one person every week win us a game, somehow, some way, some shape, some form,” tight end Eric Ebron said. “It’s impressive, man. It’s ridiculously impressive.”

Burfict also was suspended Allen Bailey Authentic Womens Jersey three games without pay to start the season for violating the NFL’s safety policy.

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said he jokingly flipped off offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell because he wanted to catch a TD in the red zone, not throw Anthony Sherman Authentic Womens Jersey one.

Baldwin was fined after he was seen giving Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell the middle finger during a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the third quarter, Baldwin threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Russell Wilson on a trick play. Before the play, coming out of the huddle, Baldwin flipped Bevell off because, he said, he likes to catch touchdowns in the red zone, not throw them.

“Typically when we get in the red zone, all the receivers, all the tight ends, we’re kind of lobbying for the opportunity to get a pass in the end zone so we can score some touchdowns. It’s very seldom that you hear a quarterback lobbying for a pass to himself, which Russell [Wilson] didn’t. But it’s just the fact that we don’t want to literally be throwing away our targets in the red zone.”

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