McAdoo did say he’s been on an NFL sideline before when there were communication problems

Mark Sanchez sat next to McKnight’s high school coach, and both men needed a tissue from the ushers walking around with boxes. The whole scene, the lack of difference between people who played as John Curtis Patriots or as New York Jets, really made tangible the powerful bonds formed in a locker room, and the strength of that bond made the fragility of life, and the silliness of Joe’s death, all the more stark.

A soloist took a microphone, and nobody who sat in the two tiers of the bandbox church on Carondelet Street will ever forget how that song made them feel, long after the song itself has slipped from memory for good. A band roared and pounded, a heavy hand on the bass guitar, a heavy foot behind the drums.

The woman sang a song called “Break Every Chain.”

The hair stood up on people’s arms, even those who didn’t really believe in heaven or hell, or at least weren’t sure, because her voice felt like God telling everyone that somehow the broken mother in the front row might be all right.

McAdoo did say he’s been on an NFL sideline before when there were communication problems, but that was before the new system for communications was put into place this season. And even though the Giants lost communication between their coach and quarterback, McAdoo said he knew the rule that the Cowboys were not obligated to shut theirs off.
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A source told ESPN on Thursday that the Cowboys have not filed a formal complaint with the league, but that the NFL had already begun its own investigation of the Giants’ use of handheld, two-way radios.

Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ chief operating officer and executive vice president/director of player personnel, wouldn’t confirm Thursday that his team has contacted the NFL.

“We don’t comment on things like that,” he said, referring to whether they called the NFL, “but it’s obvious to everybody what happened, and my understanding is it’s being looked into and handled.”
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Jones said the team believes the use of the walkie-talkies did not play a part in the outcome of the game.

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