Hammel is the name Cafardo mentions, and he is easily the best remaining pitcher available

He has his weaknesses, sure, as he also hit just .219 over that stretch while striking out one-third of the time, but consider that he hit all of those homers in spite of those issues, and also that his on-base percentage (.315) and OPS+ (113) were both just fine, too. He¡¯s not an offensive standout at first, but he¡¯s above-average, and he can hit both righties and lefties. Not only is he a free agent, but the Brewers non-tendered him in November to make him one: if an AL team can make him their DH, they will be very happy with the Brewers for making this possible.

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Hell, we¡¯ll even take a podcast. All four ¡ª and the other useful free agents ¡ª will sign soon enough, though. The holidays are behind us, spring training is ahead of us, and teams are going to start taking real stock of what they still need and can still afford. It¡¯s safe to say a whole lot of the league can still afford to bring in dingers.

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Bowles was hospitalized for kidney stones and gallstones the day before the Jets¡¯ Christmas Eve matchup with the Patriots, but returned to the sideline to coach. The Jets were routed, 41-3, and the locker room was at odds with each other after the game.

It¡¯s been a hugely disappointing season, but the Jets have avoided making any hasty decisions with Bowles¡¯ job security. He and Maccagnan head into the offseason with serious questions on the roster, though. Finding a quarterback and cutting expensive, unproductive veterans should be one of their top priorities.

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