Bengals schedule 2018: Cincinnati must manage four tough road tests

The Bengals’ 2018 schedule marks a pivotal season for veteran coach Marvin Lewis after back-to-back losing seasons in Cincinnati.

Patricia denied any wrongdoing — at the time and recently when a public records search yielded the paperwork. And since the incident was well before he was involved in any NFL business, the league can’t punish him under the personal conduct policy.

“At stake here is the very integrity of sports. That’s why I plan to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to help protect honesty and principle in the athletic arena,” Hatch said in a statement (via The Hill).

Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion left open the possibility of further legislation.

Said Hatch, who is retiring at the end of this Congressional session: “The rapid rise of the Internet means that sports betting across state lines is now just a click away. We cannot allow this practice to proliferate amid uneven enforcement and a patchwork race to the regulatory bottom.”

He was one of the original authors of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992 that the high court rendered invalid Monday. He offered no details on the legislation he plans to introduce, though he said the “problems posed by sports betting are much the same as they were 25 years ago.”

According to The Hill, 16 state legislatures already have begun considering measures to legalize sports betting.cardinals_029

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