Adam Griffith might have the 2017 NFL draft’s most interesting story

It’s not often someone goes from Poland to Alabama. While there’s been a specialist pipeline from Australia to the United State, Eastern Europe’s a bit more of an untapped market. But former Alabama kicker Adam Griffith didn’t come to the states initially in search of glory on the gridiron.

Griffith was placed in an orphanage in Poland as a young boy. He was adopted by a couple from Georgia and ended up going to Alabama and becoming a kicker there. For a feature on College GameDay, Griffith returned to Poland with an ESPN crew and his adopted parents. They toured his orphanage, and he reunited with his birth parents all on camera.

Last October, as we ramped up to the NBA season, I was having trouble getting excited for it. There was a number of reasons, to be sure — but it was partly that it all felt predictable. As we look back, perhaps it was. Certainly, we head into the postseason with some uncertainty but the overwhelming expectations that the Warriors will be playing the Cavaliers in the finals. Still, writing off the regular season because we might know which teams end up facing each other at the end would have been the worst possible mistake any of us could have made. After the regular season’s final day, I can put finally file away that preseason feeling for good.

It was so wrong.

This season, and this sport, did it again. We were rewarded with a thrilling, fascinating, and stimulating six months of sports. Thanks, basketball. I don’t need to rattle off specific moments, and really, there’s too many to even count, although Tom Ziller’s top 101 does as good a job as any. (He did leave out Dirk Nowitzki passing 30,000 points, which is my only quibble.) But from front to end, the NBA season captured our attention and never gave us a dull moment.

Thanks, basketball. Now, right before the postseason starts, now’s our chance to say thank you.nike_jaguars_587

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