Why Ray Lewis was an easy choice to be a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee

The addition of Elfrid Payton at the trade deadline gives the Suns one more offensive option, and the return of Devin Booker means Jackson doesn’t have to shoot or score as much. That being said, Jackson still scored 22 points in Booker’s first game back from injury, and that came against a strong Utah defense. If you need a scorer, Jackson makes sense.

Always an injury risk, Hood is still worth a look any time he is healthy. The former Utah first-rounder poured in a total of 29 points during his first two games with the Cavs, and that came in an average of only 21.5 MPG.

This state may be best known among sports fans as the home of Bristol, where ESPN is headquartered. It’s the fifth state in the United States, and also known as the Constitution State and Nutmeg State.

The actual setup of the game isn’t all that complicated — a standard 10×10 sheet with 100 squares will suffice. Here’s a sample sheet, via Print Your Brackets. A printable sheet can be found here.

At Notre Dame, Weis had a huge contract that was heavy on guarantees. The result of his firing after five seasons was that Notre Dame had to pay him almost $19 million in buyout money as part of an installment plan that ran through 2015. The exact total, according to Notre Dame tax filings reported on by USA Today: $18,967,960. His total buyout pay ran to about $24.6 million after Kansas fired him later on.

So New England will need to fill that position in some way, and it could view Graham as a much splashier version of Scott Chandler from 2015. It would be a downright luxury move for the AFC champions, but with Josh McDaniels sticking around, the Patriots should want to create more danger in their two tight end sets, especially in the red zone. Call it insane, call it genius, but a bold Graham move would represent both.

To build on that, along with new general manager Chris Ballard, who seems to be doing a fairly nice job of turning Ryan Grigson’s dumpster fire of a job into gold, and McDaniels would have been in a nice situation. He would have built a name and legacy for himself that would have made him a football hero in a basketball state — much like Peyton Manning did.

Some people aren’t fans of Steak and Shake, which is fine. But if McDaniels is young-ish for an NFL head coach, and if he has any type of personality in Indy, he could have gotten a nice little sponsorship.49ers_029

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