the Grizzlies fan who spent the night heckling Butler was left to wonder what might have been

“He’s too good of a shooter to stay in a slump,” Hoiberg said of McDermott. “He puts too much work in, too much time in. He cares, obviously. He takes it hard when he doesn’t have a good shooting game. And the thing he does is he lives in the gym, trying to get his confidence and his stroke back. So I give Doug all the credit in the world for hanging with it. I give our guys a lot of credit for finding him out there … he showed how versatile a scorer he is today. Not only hitting the 3s, but getting himself to the free throw line 11 times. And also getting it done in the post.”
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Game Robert McClain Jersey The regular-season loss to Golden State a year ago shook the Cavs franchise to its core and made Cleveland’s decision-makers commit to some real work to get on Golden State’s level and avenge their 2015 Finals loss.

Monday’s result doesn’t have the same gravity associated with it.

Was it lockdown defense, or was it the Warriors’ playing at home on three days’ rest while the Cavs were playing the sixth game of a 12-day road trip?

Do the Cavs’ four wins in a row against Golden State — three to end the Finals, plus Christmas Day — not matter now? Do we look at the first three in that streak as irrelevant because Kevin Durant — a top-three player in the world, as Lue described him pregame — was not on the Warriors then? Do we eliminate the Christmas win that involved a 14-point fourth-quarter comeback and a controversial non-call at the end?

Do we ignore the fact that J.R. Smith wasn’t there, as he continues to recover from thumb surgery? Do we overlook that two of the Cavs’ nine-man rotation are working into new roles, with Iman Shumpert starting and Kyle Korver still figuring out how things work in Cleveland’s schemes? What about the fact that Kevin Love played only 16 ineffective minutes as he dealt with a back problem?

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