I had never taken a rep at left tackle in my life

Limited Mens Jon Ryan Jersey “I signed my contract, and on paper it said ‘tight end,'” he recalls. “But then they take me to the offensive line room, and there I am, looking at the wall where they had a depth chart … and they had me as the first left tackle [among rookies].

“I had never taken a rep at left tackle in my life.”

Tom Cable, the offensive line coach, says, “Those first few days, he was lost. Just getting into stance the way we needed him to be, that was new. To most people with a background in football, that’s basic. George was pretty much starting from scratch.” But Cable is known for taking chances. “The way we looked at things around here, we were actually pretty excited by the possibilities.”

But the main thing about playoff football is that a bad half — heck even a bad quarter or series — can turn out the lights. And negative plays can derail a shot at advancing. That’s why it’s so important to focus on those little details throughout the week of practice and when studying the game plan.

A pair of rookies in Raiders QB Connor Cook and Packers WR Geronimo Allison top the list of players NFL Nation reporters said could surprise and impress this weekend.

How you do it: Earlier this season, I wrote a story on how to double top wide receivers, but it’s more than just assigning two guys to Brown in this matchup. The Dolphins can play any form of cloud coverage (cornerback jam, safety over the top) from a two-deep or three-deep look. There are also creative ways for them to bracket or “cut” when Brown reduces his split/bumps inside.

Elite Mens Nino Niederreiter Jersey The idea here is to not give Brown a free release, while also limiting his electric ability to separate across the field. Above all, it keeps the Dolphins out of static, single-high looks that scream to Ben Roethlisberger to target Brown in a one-on-one matchup.

Here’s the thing that goes beyond scheme with this game plan: Make someone else beat you. I don’t care if Eli Rogers catches the ball. I don’t. If he beats my guy, then I move on to the next play. But allowing Brown to rip apart my secondary in an elimination game? No thanks.

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