How would you announce your free-agent decision?

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Creative NBA free-agent announcements are becoming all the rage nowadays. LeBron James went from a televised special to a more subdued Sports Illustrated essay. Kevin Durant copied that style in his My Next Chapter article in The Players’ Tribune. Others have simply tweeted out the decision or made us wait 68 seconds in a lightly produced YouTube video.

Gordon Hayward is next up on that list. As Jazz, Celtics, and Heat fans wait for his July 4 announcement, we posed the following question to the world: How would you announce your highly anticipated free-agent decision?

This is what makes Gilbert’s refusal to give Griffin a raise so incredible.
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Jones was inspired by Kaepernick. A few weeks into the 2016 season, Jones, defensive lineman Jurrell Casey and linebacker Wesley Woodyard stood with their fists raised after the national anthem ended to bring awareness to racism in the country.

Casey said there have been many talks in the locker room on how to proceed with the protests affected the perception of racism in the country. Given the recent riots in Charlottesville, Va., Casey said there is still so much work left to do.

Did protesting really change much last year? I don’t really think so, Casey said. We gotta find a better way. Protesting on a Sunday doesn’t do itself justice because we did that last year and there was only more uproar, without much change.

As to what the better way is, the players indicated they aren’t sure. But the general consensus is that being afraid to talk about what is going on isn’t the answer.

The Charlottesville thing over the weekend with the riots really caught my eye. It’s very disgusting what’s definitely going on, Casey said. We can’t be afraid to voice our opinions about this.

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