All of these positions are needs for the Jets.

They will be looking to add depth along the lines on both sides of the ball and possibly a starter.

I believe the Jets are happy with their current starters on the offensive line, but they know they don’t have many long-term answers there. It is time to start adding some depth across the line. They plugged the center hole with Spencer Long but could still draft a center in the middle rounds. Keep an eye on Arkansas’ Frank Ragnow and UCLA’s Scott Quessenberry as possible mid-round targets. They also need to find a guard. Cole Madison from Washington State is a possibility in the fourth or fifth round.

All of this highlights the importance of Harkless, who shot 37.5 percent from deep combined over the past two seasons. Without him, Portland can juice the spacing by playing Lillard, McCollum and Shabazz Napier together — or perhaps by bumping up Pat Connaughton’s minutes.

Nurkic passed up a couple of layups when he caught the ball just outside the restricted area, with only a small help defender in his way. He has a maddening habit of going up soft and bonking those shots. Dude, you’re huge and weirdly balletic. Just go up with force.

Posting Turner up against Rajon Rondo — when the Pelicans hide Rondo there — is not a bad idea. This implicates Portland’s spacing issues too, though. Turner bullied Rondo all the way to the rim in the third quarter, only to find Davis waiting to vaporize his soul. Davis roved away from Nurkic because he knew the defender behind him — Mirotic — would ditch Aminu to cover for him.

The quote was quickly written up by Pro Football Talk and other outlets, as it seemed he was deflecting blame from what he has previously said was a disaster of his own making.

Following his appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show,” Manziel quote-tweeted PFT’s article, “Manziel blames Browns for not realizing he was duping them into thinking he’d actually work hard and study,” with his own commentary.

Manziel hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since December 2015 and has turned 2018 into his redemption tour, which includes taking responsibility for past transgressions.

“Draft a QB in the first round and put him into a toxic Quarterback room vs. what it was like my second year with [Josh] McCown. COMPLETELY different situation. It’s all about the right fit and mine in Cleveland wasn’t right. That’s just the facts. I also have nobody to blame but myself,” Manziel posted.jets_058

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