2017-18 Brooklyn Nets preview: They’ll be bad, but their fans don’t mind

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This is the first of Limited Upside’s 30 team previews leading up to next season. We’re bringing together representatives from all 30 SB Nation team sites and other team-specific experts from the SB Nation/Limited Upside community to gauge the temperature of the fanbase heading into the season. We’re going roughly from worst to first from last year, so the Nets are up first.

The Nets are going to be bad again, but fans are oddly in a good mood. Why? The team at least has a plan and doesn’t have to worry about winning right now.

We kick off our 30-team 2017-18 NBA preview with a look at the Nets with SBNation.com NBA reporter Kristian Winfield and Nets Daily ace writer Anthony Puccio.

Athletes are more than just athletes, Head said. They’re people with thoughts and feelings and beliefs. These protests should’ve shown people there are still issues in America and we don’t get to just leave it to lawmakers and leaders to say something is wrong. We all have a say. Athletes included. Students included. We all have a say.

Kaepernick’s protest was displayed on Sundays, but it was bolstered by philanthropy. Along with leading a rebuilding 49ers team, he managed to carry out a $1 million pledge to grassroots organizations.
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It started in San Jose with Silicon Valley De-Bug. Kaepernick gave $25,000 for projects the organization otherwise wouldn’t have.

Kaepernick did more than give money. He invited the organization to his first Know Your Rights Camp, where he set up chairs, interacted with kids, and sat in on every workshop. He also purchased backpacks and filled them with books. Each kid received a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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